Zinc alloy lock core material characteristics


Because the price of metal copper continues to rise, zi […]

Because the price of metal copper continues to rise, zinc alloy electroplating technology has been rising. At present, most lock cylinders have abandoned the use of copper to make them and replaced them with zinc alloys. Write a summary of the main knowledge of zinc alloys:

First: the characteristics of zinc alloys

1. Strong mechanical properties and wear resistance at normal temperatures.

2. The stability required for melting is not high, it melts at 385°C and can be easily die-casted.

3. The proportion is large.

4. Powerful casting function, capable of die-casting all kinds of complex shapes and thin-walled precision and accurate devices according to different needs. The surface of the castings is smooth and layered.

5. Able to perform easy surface treatment such as electroplating, spraying, painting and other operations.

6. There is no need for iron absorption during melting and die-casting operations, and sticking is not easy to appear.

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