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Customized Hardware Manufactring Process

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    Drawings or samples

    Customers send drawings or samples; or design products according to customers' ideas.
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    Confirm The Drawings

    We will draw 3D drawings according to the customer's two-dimensional drawings or samples, and send them to the customer for confirmation.
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    When the customer's drawings are confirmed, I will give the customer a quotation. If the customer sends 3D drawings, they can directly quote.
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    Mould Opening

    After the customer confirms the quotation and sends the mold order, we start to make the mold.
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    After the mold is completed, we will make samples and send them to customers for confirmation.
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    Mass Production

    After the customer confirms the sample and sends the product order, we start mass production.
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    After the product is produced, our inspectors will inspect the product, or we will invite customers to inspect together.
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    When the inspection result is OK and the customer confirms that it can be shipped, we will send the product to the customer.
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