Why are smart locks so popular? What are its advantages?


  Everyone has always been very fond of high-tech […]


Everyone has always been very fond of high-tech products with wonderful magic. They are habitually at the forefront of the trend. They have natural harshness and higher than the previous generation's regulations on the appearance design and modernity of the equipment. The heavy and cumbersome mechanical code lock is obvious. Jing is far from being able to meet their requirements.

1. The inherent "entry" attribute

As a door lock, smart locks naturally have the attributes of "gateway" and "entrance" physically, without human intervention or concept promotion, and there is no obstacle in cognition.

2. Strong user demand

A smart lock is a door lock that combines a smart device, and the door lock is first of all an absolute rigid demand product. Secondly, intelligent door locks are by no means the common "smart devices for intelligence" nowadays. I believe that everyone has not brought a key, brass door handle but smart locks will not have this problem, and fingerprint and alarm functions. It will also further enhance safety.

3. Flexible use

The "smart" feature of smart locks has subverted the traditional concept of "one key with one lock" in traditional door locks. It not only allows multiple people to have the permission of the door lock, but also allows remote unlocking, authorized unlocking, video conversations, etc. operate.

4. Ease of use

Smart locks are more convenient, especially fingerprint recognition. It affects the product experience and can quickly and accurately identify.

5. Quality, workmanship and maintenance

As an electronic product, smart locks are more complex and easier to damage than traditional door locks with pure mechanical structures. However, smart lock products have a workmanship and quality that surpasses mechanical door locks, achieving a failure rate similar to that of mechanical locks or even lower. At the same time, the supporting maintenance and after-sales service are also great.

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