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Tips for buying a kitchen sink drainer: The decoration […]

Tips for buying a kitchen sink drainer:
The decoration of the kitchen is indispensable for the sink, and the installation of the sink is indispensable for the under-sink (drain) water device. Whether the sink (drain) is installed properly is related to whether the entire sink can be used well. If the sink (drain) is poorly used, the water in the sink cannot flow smoothly, and the entire kitchen will appear after a long time of use. There are odors, insects, mice and other harmful substances, and the entire kitchen cabinet will be useless. The under-sink (drain) drainer is installed in the sink, and you should choose a drainer that is anti-blocking, leak-proof, insect-proof and odor-proof; the following Oushunnuo will briefly explain the installation skills of the kitchen sink drainer.
The sink is an indispensable kitchen utensil product in kitchen decoration. It is mainly used for washing vegetables, washing rice, washing dishes, etc.... Generally, there are single basins and double basins; and according to the installation method, there are
There are also types of countertop basins, countertop basins, undercounter basins, etc. The sinks currently used in kitchens are mostly made of stainless steel, which is not only difficult to corrode during use, but also easier to take care of.
Classification of water pipes (apparatus) under the kitchen sink (drain)
Oceano kitchen sink (drain) drains (pipes) can be divided into two types, one is a reverse drain and the other is a leak drain.
1. Rotary drainer: The flapper drainer can be rotated in any direction, causing the water in the basin to leak out. The airtightness of the flap-type drain will decline after a long time of use, resulting in
The basin can't hold water. Or often it cannot be turned over; the structure of the flap-type water absorber is very simple, it is easier to clean, and it is convenient to replace.
2. Leaky type drainer: The structure of the leaky type drainer is also simple, similar to that of the kitchen sink. The disassembly and assembly procedure of the leaky type drainer is slightly more complicated than the installation of the push-type drainer and the flap type drainer.
If the sink basin cannot hold water, it can be covered with a sealing cover.
3. Press-type drainer: Although the press-type drainer looks good, the press-type drainer is more likely to adhere to dirt, and the entire drainer must be unscrewed for cleaning, and some of the push-type water absorbers have already been installed when the basin is installed. It is fixed in the sink of the basin and difficult to pull out. Such a sink does not need to be thoroughly cleaned, resulting in residual dirt, which is very inconvenient to use. If the drainer is unscrewed and then re-installed, it may be loose and unstable. The kitchen sink often has to wash dishes and vegetables, and such a drain is difficult to clean, so it is better to install such a drain less!
Kitchen sink drain installation skills
Osunuo kitchen sink drain installation skills: installation of the countertop basin
The installation of the sink type on the countertop is relatively simple. You only need to open a hole in the expected position of the countertop according to the installation drawing, then place the basin in the hole, and fill the gap with glass glue. When using the water on the countertop
It will not flow down the gap, so it is used more in the family.
Kitchen sink drain installation skills: platform basin installation
This type of kitchen sink uses the countertop basin installation method to achieve the effect of seamless installation between the sink and the countertop. Flat sink rim for easy wiping of water droplets and other stains into the sink without any
Any stains will be left in the gap between the sink and countertop, safe and hygienic. Because of the seamless installation of the sink and the countertop, it can have a great use of space. The sink matches the countertop perfectly and is in beautiful shape.

Kitchen sink drain installation skills: under the counter basin installation
This type of kitchen sink is installed using the under-counter basin installation method. The sink is installed under the countertop, which has a large space for use, and the countertop is easier to clean and maintain. But the joint between the basin and the countertop
It is easier to hide dirt and dirt in the place, and it must be repaired and cleaned regularly by people.

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