How to distinguish whether the copper door manufacturer meets the standard on the accessories


Nowadays, there are various production styles of copper […]

Nowadays, there are various production styles of copper doors in the copper door market. When consumers are purchasing, how can they distinguish whether the copper door manufacturers meet the standards in terms of accessories, workmanship and materials used for the copper doors.

First, look at the raw materials of copper gate copper plates.

The selection of copper plate is a very important indicator. The copper plate must maintain its flatness. For the copper plate material, the copper plate company will choose the square copper plate specifications imported from Germany. The copper raw material is Luoyang red copper with a purity of 99.99%. The purity is much higher than that of imitation copper doors and Zhejiang copper plates.

Second, look at the internal skeleton material of the copper door.

Generally, steel square pipes are used as the inner frame material. If the steel pipes are not galvanized, it will be easily rusted by rainwater through the door during use. At the same time, it will also cause rust to the copper door leaf. The aesthetics will be greatly reduced, which will affect the service life. For copper door manufacturers with large-scale qualifications, the inner frame of the copper door will be galvanized to protect the frame and the copper door leaf from damage.

Third, look at the sealing details of the copper door frame.

Insulation and airtightness are important parameters of copper doors. In the north of my country, the temperature is extremely low and windy and sandy in winter. In order to effectively solve the problem of heat preservation, copper door manufacturers make the sealing strips strong in the design of the sealing strips. Brass Door Stop The ground is glued to the copper door frame, which can effectively prevent sand and dust from entering the gap and reduce noise.

Fourth, look at the copper oxidation treatment process.

When buying a copper door, the color purity of the appearance of the copper door will also directly affect the appearance and service life of the copper door. Like in the market, many copper doors use cheap painting techniques. If the paint is improperly painted or used inferior quality Paint is easy to rust.

Fifth, copper door locks, hinges, floor springs, handles, etc., although these small parts are small, they also play an extremely important role in the use of the copper door. The quality of the copper door has a direct impact on the use of the copper door. The impact should also be distinguished.

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