How to choose the lock cylinder?


As we all know, the lock cylinder is the heart of the d […]

As we all know, the lock cylinder is the heart of the door in your home. If the lock cylinder is broken, you need a new one. If you want to think about what is better before you change it, let me introduce to you one by one:
1. Partial: It is the side of the black rotating circle in the middle,twist handle sink drain which means that the left and right sides are not the same width;
2. AB lock: A lock is used by decoration workers, and B lock is used by the owner. If B lock is used, A lock will be invalid.
3. Length: It is the full length. If it is different, it will not be installed. Normally, a door with a thickness of 50mm is equipped with 75mm, and a door with a thickness of 70mm is equipped with a 90mm lock:
1. Look at the surface treatment. The bad ones are usually rough, and the good ones are usually good in texture and light.
Second, look at the number of rows of marbles. Usually, the single-row marbles that are often seen on the market, that is, A-level locks, have weak opening ability, weak anti-drilling, anti-prying, and anti-interruption capabilities. The good ones are usually double-row marbles.
3. Look at the shape of the key. The key shapes that are often seen in the world are cross-shaped and in-line; the better one is the crescent key, but the crescent key has defects, such as the technical opening time cannot meet the requirements, and it cannot be anti-drilling. , The ability to prevent interruption is weak, etc. Now there are many keys of the opposite sex in the world, such as high and low rows of teeth, double rows of teeth, snake-shaped anti-stroke ribs, etc. This improves the security of the lock and essentially has a brand new breakthrough. It is also a vane to guide the future lock market.
After the lock cylinder is selected, pay attention to how to change the lock cylinder. Under normal circumstances, you can ask professionals to help change the lock.

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