Why is the embellishment of brass in soft furnishings more and more important


Brass is an ancient product in China, and it is the dar […]

Brass is an ancient product in China, and it is the darling of modern and fashionable home design nowadays. It is also one of the home decoration background elements that designers love.

Compared with gold and silver, brass is not as dazzling as they are; some have a low-key elegance. It is a popular element in the background design of interior decoration in recent years, especially in the current popular light luxury style, and is widely used.

In the past year or so, among the many modern light luxury home improvement space background cases discovered, the figure of brass can be seen everywhere, almost to the home improvement space background decoration works without adding one or two brass elements, I am embarrassed to say yes Light luxury.

Sophisticated, retro, bright and luster, if used in the decoration of the home decoration space background, it can add a full decorative beauty to the home, and it will also bring unexpected elegance and charm.

It not only has the cold and hard feeling of steel, but also Brass furniture knob does not lose the literary and artistic temperament in the bones. It can also deduce different beauty in the collision with wood, glass, ceramics, leather sculptures and other elements.

The use of brass in the background of home decoration is suitable for rooms of different styles. This familiar warm and retro taste is generally in harmony with the current popular furniture colors and materials. It can refresh the terrazzo texture and make the wall cement less so. It is cold and hard and maintains good friendship with all major colors. No wonder designers all over the world love it and are invited into the home by countless people.

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