What is the difference between door stop and door stop?


1. The door stopper is installed behind the door. After […]

1. The door stopper is installed behind the door. After the door is opened, it is stabilized by the magnetism of the door stopper to prevent the wind from blowing and it will automatically close. When the door is in a fixed state, the door stopper prevents it from moving freely, that is, a device that keeps it in a fixed state. Ground suction is the same as its principle, except that the installation position is different on the ground.

2. The door stopper is also commonly known as door touch. It is also a device that sucks and locates the door leaf after it is opened to prevent it from being closed by wind blowing or touching the door leaf. Door stoppers are divided into permanent magnetic door stoppers and electromagnetic door stoppers. Permanent magnetic door stoppers are generally used in ordinary doors and can only be controlled manually; electromagnetic door stops are used in fire doors and other electronically controlled door and window equipment, which have both manual control and automatic control. control function.

3. The door bump is usually installed on one wall or the ground and the door leaf is fixed at the position where the door is fully opened or needs to be opened. The function is to prevent the door from hitting the wall or the door's protruding handle from hitting the wall, and to prevent the door from being closed except for the wind after opening. The decoration has magnet adsorption type; friction clip type; locking type and so on. The first two can be detached with a little effort, and the latter requires a pedal to release. The latter type of anti-accidental closure is highly secure. There is also a simple, it is estimated that it is rare now: it is a rubber wedge block-shaped door stopper on a slope surface, which fixes the door leaf by friction. The door stop is usually installed separately at the lower part of the door leaf, so that the side-hung door leaf can be fixed at any desired angle. It is usually fixed by friction with the rubber head on the grounding surface. Generally, the pedal device must be lifted to release the fixed state: once stepped on the fixed, stepped on the bounce again. It can be understood as a bolt with a spring rubber head.

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