What is a latch?


When it comes to door latches, the young people may not […]

When it comes to door latches, the young people may not know it well, but the older generation should have used door latches. What is a door bolt? In fact, a door bolt is a sliding bolt inserted into the door so that the door cannot be opened. In the past, wooden rods or iron rods were used. In fact, door latches are relatively common in rural areas, especially in older buildings, which use latches, which are also a very important part of architecture and home furnishings.

The difference between a latch and a latch
   Many people in life confuse door latches and door latches. Although door latches and door latches function as anti-theft security, there are still differences between the two. The following briefly introduces the difference between latches and door latches.

In terms of shape, the door bolt is in the shape of a wooden stick or an iron rod. On one of the inner doors, it can move left and right. After the door is closed, it moves to the middle, and inserts it into the slot of the other door. , It won't open outside. The door bolt is ring-shaped, and the door can be locked by adding a lock on it. The most used is the outside of the door.

Latch installation
   Now the more commonly used is the built-in anti-theft door latch. Let's introduce the installation method of the door latch.

  (1) Open the door when installing the door latch so that colleagues can operate the internal and external door handles. Locate the two screws on the inner door handle cover and fasten it.

  (2) Fix the edge of the door latch panel, go out and labor the latch panel assembly, turn the Phillips screwdriver fixed on the door frame counterclockwise, and pull the door frame panel off.

  (3) Put the new door lock plate assembly through the hole on the edge of the door, the curve part of the door bolt needs to point to the outside of the door, and the door bolt fixing plate is provided with the wood screw of the door handle kit.

    (4) After entering the door, insert the handle from the outside of the door until the cover is close to the door, and finally tighten the attached screws with a Phillips screwdriver.

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