What are the ways to buy a sink?


Why is the sink called the heart of the kitchen? Due to […]

Why is the sink called the heart of the kitchen?
Due to the characteristics of traditional Chinese food culture, the kitchen has become an important site for people's home life, but the sink is the most frequently used in the kitchen. The preparation work before and after meals is mostly related to the sink. Therefore, it is very important for every family to choose a beautiful, practical, well-performing, and fully functional sink, so the sink is regarded as the heart of the kitchen. .

Why is the draining part of the sink so important?
Due to the large amount of washing in Chinese household kitchens, a large amount of pre-meal washing preparations and a large amount of post-meal utensils cleaning will produce scum debris and oily dirty water caused by washing. If the dewatering device only has the function of holding water during washing and dewatering after washing, it cannot filter out the debris in the water, which will cause poor drainage and cause pipeline blockage. For this reason, it is very important to choose a good sink dewatering device. The large-caliber stainless steel sink dewatering device specially designed by Schneider for Chinese family kitchens not only integrates water blocking, water filtration and drainage functions, but also its unique table-controlled button-type dewatering device is practical and novel. When discharging the water, there is no need to move the washing items as in the traditional way and reach into the dirty water full of greasy dirt and the biting cold water in winter to cork the head to discharge the water, but only need to lightly press on the countertop. Today's market is unique.

Why choose PP hard-joined material for drainage pipe fittings:
PP material is a kind of pipe fitting material with good performance, it has the characteristics of extrusion resistance, high temperature resistance, anti-aging characteristics and good connection between pipe fittings. General plastic pipe fittings, especially hoses, are not resistant to hot water, are easy to age, and the joints are easy to fall off and leak water. Therefore, it must not be used for falling water connection pipe fittings, otherwise you will spend more money to repair and replace your kitchen cabinets. For this reason, you must pay attention to this when choosing a sink.

What is a cheap sink and performance-price ratio?
If you compare with absolute prices, the lower the price, the cheaper it is.
The performance-price ratio refers to the ratio of price to service life, function, and reliability of similar products. The lower the ratio, the better the relative price and economy. The same is true for sinks. Schneider-Fuji series sinks, the quality of their products and accessories It has a long service life and a price-performance ratio of less than 60 yuan/year. It must be a durable product. If you choose a sink with poor quality and function and not beautiful enough, it will cause water leakage, cracking of the kitchen cabinet, and deformation of the cabinet. This is because of the low price. The unnecessary replacement and loss caused by inferior sinks is not cost-effective.

Although the handle is inconspicuous in the cabinet, it serves as a "key". It is used to open all cabinet doors, drawers, and pull baskets. The connection between the handle and the cabinet door and drawer is generally connected by screws, that is, on the cabinet door. Drill holes on the top, and the higher-end ones are to punch through the cabinet doors and connect them with threaded screws. This method is firm and durable, and the most reliable. According to the material of the handle, there are zinc alloy, aluminum, copper, soft PVC, plastic. From the shape, there are European style, modern, antique, cartoon and other current markets. There are also jade, or the surface is plated with precious metals such as gold and silver. The high-end handle. The shape is different, so you need to choose the appropriate handle according to the overall compartment of the cabinet.
The innovative function of damping technology represents the future development trend of cabinet hardware. The humanized cushioning design makes it possible to close the door or drawer with great force, and it can play the role of impact protection and noise reduction at the closed end.

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