What are the maintenance and purchase tips for furniture hardware accessories


Lightly sand the surface stains with fine sandpaper Whe […]

Lightly sand the surface stains with fine sandpaper
When the surface is severely stained or scratched, or burned by fireworks, lightly rub the surface with fine sandpaper, and then wipe it with a scouring pad.
To clean furniture hardware, wipe it with a damp cloth or damp a damp cloth with neutral detergent or detergent, and finally wipe dry the water stains.
Avoid wiping the furniture with water. You must use a special furniture cleaner or maintenance agent on a regular basis. It is best to spray the special furniture cleaner or maintenance agent on a clean cotton cloth and gently wipe away the dust. brass door latches Do not scrape the surface of furniture hardware fittings with sharp or hard objects, and avoid contact with substances such as hydrochloric acid, table salt, and bittern.
Drawer guide rails and other movable hardware accessories should be properly lubricated regularly to reduce the friction sound of the hardware and prolong the service life.
Clean the hardware accessories regularly, and apply some lubricating oil to the sliding or moving parts after cleaning.
Regularly check the firmness of the hinges, slide rails, eccentric parts and other hardware, and fix them immediately if they are loose.
Furniture hardware accessories purchase articles:
The surface must be smooth, and the electroplating layer on the surface must not fall off (no rust or burr).
Looking at their packaging, the good hardware will be very complete in the manufacturer's information, inspection certificates, installation instructions, etc.
Try sliding doors, opening and closing doors, and pulling drawers to feel smooth and quiet.

Pay attention to the material of the handle and pull it hard to see if there is any sign of looseness between it and the furniture.
In addition to the hinge should be flat and smooth, the spring's return performance should also be good. You can open 95% and press hard on both sides to see if the spring is deformed.

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