How to prevent the lock hole from clogging?


In the process of daily use, the newly-changed lock cyl […]

In the process of daily use, the newly-changed lock cylinder will often appear to be plugged in and unsmoothly when used for 2-3 months. Many people will think that the quality of the lock cylinder is defective. In fact, this is a normal phenomenon. When the problem is first discovered, please add some graphite powder (pencil powder) to the keyhole immediately for lubrication. Do not add any oily substance as a lubricant to avoid grease sticking to the pin spring and causing the lock to fail to rotate. After a long time, the anti-theft door will not open, which will bring trouble to your life.

Do not hit hard
When the main lock tongue or safety brass door latches factory lock tongue protrudes out of the door body, do not hit it hard to avoid damage to the lock tongue and the door frame.

It is best to hold the handle when closing the door, screw the bolt into the lock body, and then let go after closing the door. Do not hit the door hard, otherwise the service life of the lock will be reduced.

Always keep the transmission part of the lock body with lubricant to keep its transmission smooth and prolong its service life. It is recommended to check once half a year or once a year, and check whether the fastening screws are loose to ensure the fastening.

Always check the fit gap between the lock body and the lock plate, whether the height of the lock tongue and the hole of the lock plate is suitable, and the best fit between the door and the door frame is 1.5mm-2.5mm. If you find any changes, you should adjust the position of the hinge or the lock plate on the door. At the same time, pay attention to the cold shrinkage and thermal expansion caused by the weather (wet spring, dry winter) to ensure that the gap between the door and the door frame, the lock body and the lock plate is reasonable, to ensure the smooth use of the lock.

Before going out or going to bed, don't think that there is someone in your house and everything will be fine, and you don't lock the door. Theft will not depend on whether there is anyone in your house. Be sure to lock the anti-theft door with a key. Only in this way can the real role of the anti-theft door be brought into play and protect our property and lives.

Do not rain or flush the lock cylinder, because there are small springs in it that will rust and become inflexible.

Because the sealing strip installed between the door body and the door frame has elastic effect, when the handle or key is used to unlock the lock, you can push or pull the door by hand while opening the door to overcome the elastic force. Do not forcefully turn the handle or key to open the door. So as not to break the handle or key.



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