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In daily life, people often see beautiful door and wind […]

In daily life, people often see beautiful door and window hardware custom handles, which decorate doors and windows on a large level, which has the effect of drawing the dragon and brightening the sky. Therefore, a door handle with a distinctive design can be on a certain level. Improve the atmosphere and sense of space in the interior space. With the continuous improvement of everyone's aesthetic concept, handle design styles are becoming more and more diverse. The more common design styles are new Chinese antique design style, modern style, European pastoral style, modern American retro style, etc. The price varies according to the design style of the door handle.
In the case of disassembly, it is very simple, open the door, use four fingers to follow them outside, thumb to follow the inside (you can also ask you to press the outside for you), remove the screw with a screwdriver, pay attention! It will be removed soon If you want to use it, you have to follow it with a little force, because there are yellow bullets in it, it will pop up a window accidentally, or hit itself.
After the screws are removed, gradually take out the handle, then open the snap ring on the handle with open-mouth pliers, and take out the handle. When doing this step, you must be reminded of safety, and you should not be impatient and slow. I also don't have mouth-opening pliers at home, so I didn't do this step, but this step is very simple.
Insert the handle of the door and window hardware custom, and snap the snap ring. In this case, the basics are carried out, and the saving is to put them up. Just install the original part of the handle, and that's it. You must be careful when installing it. Since there is a screw cover on the outer handle, the screws must be on the right side before you can install it. The installation is sturdy. You have been pretending gradually in it, if it is right on the first one, the other one is ready to be installed.


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