How to choose door handles, door locks and other components?


Door handle, door lock and door have an inseparable rel […]

Door handle, door lock and door have an inseparable relationship, so the choice of door handle and door lock is very important. We can choose the door handle and door lock that suits us from the following aspects.

1. Style. Now there are many styles of door handles and door locks, and the shapes are also different. Users can choose according to their needs.

2. Color. Doors of different styles should use door handles and door locks that match their colors. For example, a modern white door can be equipped with light yellow and light green door handles; a calm style door can be equipped with a dark red door handle.

Traditional door handles are made of three materials: steel, aluminum, and copper. twist handle sink drain Steel is the strongest. Aluminum itself is also available in sand gold and sand silver, suitable for doors of various styles. With the development of technology, glass door handles and nylon-wrapped steel core door handles have occupied more and more market shares. They can provide a richer selection of styles, are not rusty and feel comfortable to the touch, but the disadvantages are Low hardness, easy to wear, and difficult to clean.

3. Shape. Generally speaking, small locks that are exposed on the door body are not easily broken. Although the tiger lock is relatively large, if a stronger steel body is used, the entire door bolt can be wrapped and the wooden door and the entire door frame can be closely connected, and the anti-prying effect is better.

4. Performance. Door locks are basically divided into two types: single lock cylinder and double lock cylinder. A door has two sides inside and outside, install a single lock, you can only lock one side of the door with a key; install a double lock, both sides of the door can be locked, the anti-theft is relatively strong. But it also has some inconveniences: once one side of the door is locked, it must be opened with a key regardless of entry and exit. In the event of an accident, it will be more difficult to escape.

Obviously, a steel door handle that is generous, durable and easy to clean should be installed on the gate. Bathrooms, kitchens, etc. can use steel or glass door handles, which are not easy to be corroded and easy to clean. For bedrooms, study rooms, balconies, etc., you can choose the lively and modern plastic nylon-wrapped door handles.

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