How the brass handle highlights the taste and style of the homeowner in home decoration


Throughout the decoration process, we spent a lot of en […]

Throughout the decoration process, we spent a lot of energy on the ceiling, lighting, and layout. The handles of the cabinets are most easily overlooked or ignored.

If you say that a good-looking handle can make your cabinet show low-key luxury, then the ugly handle will undoubtedly ruin the taste of your house, so choosing a good handle and cabinet combination can improve the decoration in subtleties The effect highlights the taste and style of the homeowner. Here are some popular ways of matching handles and cabinets:

Let’s first take a look at the brass handle. Last year’s Pinterest’s "Top Ten Home Furnishing Keywords" metal elements were firmly on the list. Among the many metal elements, the most popular one is brass with its own noble attributes, except Put a few brass decorations at home, and brass handles are also popular among the general public.

[Brass handle with white cabinet] One of the most common and classic collocations. brass door latches  The large white cabinet is equipped with brass handles. The brass color is similar to gold. It was used in the home furnishing field as early as the Victorian period. You can order it with a touch of brass. Brighten the entire white cabinet to make the pure white space less monotonous.

[Brass handle with dark cabinet] The brass handle is matched with a black cabinet, and the style of painting is directly switched to the solemn and elegant noble. Dark blue, dark green, and dark brown are difficult to control colors. Many coquettish handles will lose out. Come, the brass handle can make the picture fascinating and harmonious, and the retro style blows on the face.
Quaint and atmospheric

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