How many do you know about changing the lock of the anti-theft door and changing the lock cylinder?


With the development of the times and the popularizatio […]

With the development of the times and the popularization of smart homes, smart locks are becoming more and more popular by everyone. Door locks are the first barrier separating our home from the outside world, as well as protecting our privacy. Some things I know about locks and changing the lock cylinder are not well understood.

1. Pay attention to the tricks of smart anti-theft door locks

Many people may think that smart fingerprint locks are very tall and very safe. In fact, the editor tells you that this may not be the case. For example, fingerprint locks, is it safe every time you swipe your fingerprints to enter the door? brass door handle You can take photos of your fingerprints. What are the so-called fake fingers and fingerprint films that can easily fool the recognition of optical fingerprints. Therefore, we should pay attention to the tricks to prevent being deceived. Pay attention to the following points:

(1) Choose a smart lock with a capacitive fingerprint head

Why choose a capacitive fingerprint head? For example, like the smart phone you are most familiar with, many of them cannot be unlocked directly by fingerprints. This is capacitive fingerprint recognition, and its principle is through bioelectricity. Living body detection can accurately identify fake fingers and fake fingerprints, so the safety factor is very high.

(2)A-level lock cylinder can be selected

At present, our lock cylinder certification has three levels: A, B, and C. Some people may not know or understand the level of the lock cylinder very well. Often the locks that are bought are very safe. Hidden dangers. Which of these three types of lock cylinders is better, how to choose, and how to choose anti-theft door locks? Looking at what old drivers in the lock industry say, the editor tells you that it must be the C-level lock cylinder that is the best. It is the highest level of the currently certified lock cylinder. If you use violence to open the lock, it will take at least 270 minutes, while the A-level lock uses violence. It only takes a few minutes to open the lock, so do you think the thief will spend 270 minutes opening the lock and burglary? Therefore, the lock cylinder is very important when choosing, so don't dare to be careless.

(3) Installing the heaven and earth hook may not be really safe

We know that many anti-theft doors are installed with heaven and earth hooks. The purpose of installing it is to increase the difficulty of being pried by increasing the lock point of the anti-theft door, thereby preventing it from being pried. But speaking of it now, there are a few thieves who will use violence to open the locks. Now they all use the unlocking tools, which are fast and not easy to be discovered. Instead, install this kind of heaven and earth hook. When a fire and other danger occurs in your home, it will increase the number of firefighters. It’s difficult to open the door. Nowadays, many sales people in the market like to use Tiandi Hook as a selling point to promote sales, but that’s not the case

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