Basic knowledge about locks


The lock is not only a durable product, but also a very […]

The lock is not only a durable product, but also a very professional product. How to select, install and maintain has certain difficulties for end customers; especially for users who have used a certain number of years, there is a market demand for product upgrade and maintenance. This article will consider from the user's perspective and help answer some basic knowledge.



What is the current status of the lock market in China and where is the problem?


Many domestic brands put much of their energy into the pre-sales work, creating a brand image, creating a sales network, and promoting products...but they have invested less in after-sales services. Especially for terminal retail users, there are geographically dispersed and diversified demands. As the range of service radiation of each manufacturer is limited, once the users generate demand, they can only resort to local dealers and locksmiths, which will inconvenience users.


What is the ideal replacement period for locks, and how long is the current lock-up time for domestic users, and what are the security risks if they are not replaced in time?


Due to the uneven quality of hardware products, the product life cycle is very different. However, according to the service life rules of the national standard and the European standard, the life cycle of the product is 100,000 times and 200,000 times, and the replacement time is about 15 to 20 years. At present, the domestic consumer's habits of using hardware are "when it's broken, it's changed and the card is repaired." This habit directly brings about the problems of product safety and access difficulties. In fact, hardware will be subject to moisture and salt spray corrosion. In particular, anti-theft lock products will have the need for safety and protection upgrades. We recommend that products be maintained and maintained every 1 to 2 years, and products should be replaced and upgraded in about 8 years. Ensure smooth and safe use.


For the people, "a good lock" will use the concept of a few years, how to deal with?


On the one hand, educate consumers to raise their awareness of security and choose the quality of the big brands in the initial selection. Second, we must develop the habit of regular maintenance and regular product upgrades.

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